Office For Dummies has 42 ratings and 1 review. Christine said: I've read only 3 Dummies books before, none of them on the subject of computer/tec. editions of Word For Dummies. Learn to: • Work with all the newest Microsoft Word features. • Create and edit documents quickly and easily. • Share your work. Because of its features and complexity, there are a lot of books that claim to explain Office , and Microsoft Office for Dummies is.


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Helps you harness the power of Microsoft Office and all of its new functionality; the book covers Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access Explains and instructs in the straightforward, friendly, For Dummies style that makes instruction more accessible and skill-building easier Covers typing and formatting text in Word and spicing up your documents Shows you how to navigate and edit an Excel spreadsheet, create formulas, and office 2010 for dummies and analyze Excel data Demonstrates how to create a PowerPoint presentation and add color, sound, and pictures Explores Outlook, including configuring e-mail, storing contacts, organizing tasks, scheduling your time, and setting appointments Delves into designing Access databases, including editing, modifying, searching, sorting, and querying; also covers viewing and printing reports, and more Be ready to take full advantage of Microsoft Office with this fun and easy guide.

Office 2010 for dummies the Ribbon Format documents with styles and templates Manage data in a spreadsheet Create an e-mail distribution list Add audio and video to a presentation Use common Office shortcuts Approximate running time: That section includes well-illustrated instructions for things like selecting text, copying, pasting, and using the clipboard.

Office For Dummies : Wallace Wang :

Even people who haven't used Microsoft Office are likely to be familiar with those things already, just from using Windows in general, but the material is a good overview for people who might need a reminder. There is a chapter office 2010 for dummies talks about the features that were first introduced in Microsoft Officeso those who have only used earlier versions of Office should take a look at that, since those features also appear in Office There's a chapter that deals with customizing the interface that should be helpful for just about everyone.

I am all in favor of doing whatever it takes to make software easier to use, and office 2010 for dummies the interface to something that makes more sense than what came from the box is always a good step in that direction.

First there is an introduction to the application, then some illustrated lessons on the basic things one would do with that application a document, a spreadsheet, a presentation, email, and a databaseand then there are chapters that describe slightly more advanced techniques.

Again, the focus is on the office 2010 for dummies beginner. The section on Word, for example, spends its first 30 pages covering things like moving the cursor, using a mouse, checking spelling and grammar since those things are turned on by default in Officethat mostly means explaining how to deal with the red and green squiggly lines and dealing with fonts and line spacing.

The section on Excel explains what a spreadsheet is, what cells, office 2010 for dummies and rows are, and how to search and navigate. The section on PowerPoint explains what makes a good presentation as opposed to an overwhelmingly flashy one and gives an overview of entering and formatting text on slides.

The section on Outlook, however, immediately falls flat on its face by merely mentioning essential email account settings without explaining what they office 2010 for dummies or where the reader is expected to find the information.

Those things can be confusing enough to the more advanced user, and there's no explanation of any kind.

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As they say online: The section on Access could have been greatly improved for the beginner by walking the reader through the creation of a sample database.

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