Neuroanatomy: An Atlas of Structures, Sections, and Systems (Neuroanatomy: An Atlas of Strutures, Sections, and Systems (Haines)) Eighth, North American Edition. Neuroanatomy Atlas in Clinical Context: Structures, Sections, Systems, and Syndromes. Neuroanatomy in Clinical Context. ATLAS OF NEUROANATOMY By Joseph J. Warner Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann Price £ pp. ISBN As stated in. Expand All | Collapse All. home. brain atlas. Learning Modules · Video Tutorials · Interactive Slices · Cranial Nerves. Cross-Sections. coronal · horizontal.


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The arrangement of related pictures into groups occupying about three pages will be particularly useful, particularly for a relatively inexperienced student but also for revision or reference purposes for the more experienced. For example, an unlabelled horizontal section of whole brain and a magnified view at the level of the genu of the corpus callosum stained by different methods is followed by a labelled photograph of the latter with a numerical key, a diagram of the medial surface of the hemisphere indicating the level of the section and a photograph of the area that has been magnified in the second picture—together a very useful and instructive collection of images.

The series of parasagittal sections is much more comprehensive than those usually included in other atlases of neuroanatomy and the inclusion of sections taken parallel to the long axis of the brainstem atlas neuroanatomy very welcome.


These sections provide excellent views of this region and the connections between the brainstem and the hemispheres. But, as always, it is the innate beauty of the cerebellar Purkinje cells that steals the show! It atlas neuroanatomy regrettable that some attempt had not been made to fix small pieces of autopsy material or brain material from another source so that they could have been immunostained in order to demonstrate the morphology of neuronal and neuroglial cell types with the many markers that are atlas neuroanatomy available for these important cell types.

Demonstrating neuroglial cell types clearly by conventional neurohistological methods is not easy.

  • Scalable Brain Atlas - Neuroanatomy at your fingertips
  • Mouse atlases

Oh, and incidentally, why do autonomic ganglion cells not rate equal representation alongside the micrographs of sensory ganglia? The format of these parts is as in Part 2 and many of the photographs are as striking, if not atlas neuroanatomy so, than those of the entire hemisphere.

This is mainly due to their large format.


Once again the parasagittal sections of the brainstem are particularly useful in following tracts through the region but also in viewing structures such as the red and inferior olivary nuclei in their entirety and understanding the connections and neuroanatomy of the cerebellar atlas neuroanatomy Part 7 is a compendium of diagrams of neural systems with a bias towards normal atlas neuroanatomy control and that in certain pathophysiological states and of eye movements.

Once again a melange of CT scans, MRIs, photographs, pathological sections of autopsy material principally focusing on cerebrovascular lesions provide excellent reference material.

Markov and Misery delineation in F99 space.

An atlas neuroanatomy version of the Waxholm mouse atlas has been imported: WHS11it has a hierarchical region tree and supports the NeuroLex plugin Landmarks updated for WHS10 template Distance matrix service added Fixed 60 acronym mismatches mostly capitalization between CoCoMac and SBA to prevent empty results in cocomac plugin It can be used to check atlas neuroanatomy accuracy of the polygon extraction procedure bitmap to curves.

Other templates will follow.

PHT00 and DB08 atlas pages show small 3d renderings powered by 3dbar! Will later be atlas neuroanatomy for all templates, now only for WHS Automatically generated sitemap and navigation bar on top of every page Most services now show user friendly dialog when called without proper arguments Experimental Atlas neuroanatomy plugin available for preview


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