Bolognese Swordsmanship, also sometimes known as the Dardi school, is a tradition within the The Opera Nova of Antonio Manciolino was apparently first published in the early s, but only a copy of the likely second edition, "newly  ‎Sources · ‎Marozzo · ‎Anonimo Bolognese. For my own benefit, I have rewritten his rules in my own words. But I left one quote as the original, as I feel that it is by far the most important. Dating from the 's, Bolognese swordsmaster's Antonio Manciolino's Opera Nova is the earliest surviving printed book on Italian martial arts. This seminal.


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Bolognese Swordsmanship

No profit may be accrued from the use of the antonio manciolino. This includes usage as a teaching curriculum.

Coda Longa e Larga Firstly, opposite antonio manciolino enemy, you will place yourself at one end antonio manciolino the hall or of some other spacious field, arranging your body over your legs, and your sword and buckler in your hands, in such a manner that each movement, each act, each gesture is full of grace.

Pass left and falso to the buckler into Guardia di Testa and passing forward thereafter with your left foot, you will touch your buckler again, arranging your sword into guardia di testa, 4. Furthermore, in the section on Guardia Alta the author explicitly says that you can throw a mandritto followed by a montante.

Step right with a falso to the buckler into Guardia Alta and stepping forward with your right foot you will touch the dome of your buckler with the false edge, and you will do a montante that rises into guardia alta, The Embellishment 7.

Both being in guard, and you wanting to offend your enemy, you can extend a thrust1 into his face.

Bolognese Swordsmanship - Wikipedia

Or provoke him with a strong mandritto2 or with a tramazzone;3 and if you prefer, with the false edge of your sword you will hit4 that of your enemy, striking him in the face. Or making a show of throwing a riverso5 upwards from beneath, you will be able to give him a mandritto.

Chapter 8, of the counters in response antonio manciolino aforesaid offenses in guardia di faccia.

You will be careful that when the enemy extends some thrust,1 you will pass with your left foot toward his right, and in this passing you will make a half turn with the fist that holds your sword, in antonio manciolino a way that the enemy will rest on the outside, and then following this you will strike his face.

But if he throws a mandritto,2 in the raising that is done of the fist that holds his sword, you will immediately offer to that the point of yours antonio manciolino order that he will lie in fear of lowering it.


Ma se egli tirasse uno mandritto, nel leuar chel fara antonio manciolino pugno de la spada, tu subito a quello offerirai la punta di la tua per lo cui timore egli si restera di calarlo. If however he throws a tramazzone3 you will defend with a falso, that is you antonio manciolino turn that well toward his left side in order that it will not only come to ward that tramazzone, but also you will give him the edge in the face, and if he hits your sword4 in order to give you a blow in the face, you will immediately make a half turn with the fist that holds your sword and thus you will remain secure.

Antonio Manciolino

But if he pretends to make a riverso5 upwards from beneath in order to give you a mandritto, you in that pretense will join together your sword hand with that of your buckler, and as he makes the mandritto, withdrawing your right foot to large pace behind your left you will press your true edge into his sword hand.

Chapter 9, of the offenses that can be done against one in guardia sopra braccio. You can throw a riverso, or make a show of throwing two riversi,1 nonetheless offending him with a mandritto,2 and such offenses are understood to be done with both lying in that same guard, and such may be said once for all.

Continuing then, you can also throw a riverso3 inside the edge of the buckler, or feint to give a riverso4 and strike him with a mandritto, or pass with your left foot toward his right side, and feinting to give him a riverso,5 pass with your right foot toward his left side and give him a fendente upon his head, so that your left leg follows behind your right.

You can also pretend to extend a punta riversa6 over your arm, antonio manciolino throwing a tramazzone, or you can do together a riverso,7 a fendente, and a tramazzone.

Or you can step forward with your antonio manciolino foot and extend a thrust8 over your buckler, and then pass with your right foot, and then you will be able to throw a mandritto or tramazzone as you wish.


You could, moreover, step toward his right side with your antonio manciolino foot throwing out a riverso,9 or undoing him with a mandritto. Chapter 10, of the counters to the previously named offenses of guardia sopra braccio.

The First Assault of Antonio Manciolino – Part 1 | Grauenwolf's Study of Western Martial Arts

When the enemy antonio manciolino the aforesaid two riversi,1 you will parry the first with the sword, and as he will wish to do the second, immediately recoiling your right foot near to your left, you will pass forward with the said left giving him in this tempo a riverso driven out into his face; and if he pretends to do two riversi in order to give a mandritto,2 you will throw your right foot behind your left, going with your sword into cingiara porta di ferro, and as he will want to strike with the mandritto, immediately returning your right foot forward and hitting that [i.

But if he hits with a riverso3 inside the rim of the buckler, you will turn a mandritto to his face. But if he makes a show of a riverso4 in order to give you a mandritto, to such a show you will go into guardia di faccia; Cap.

Ma sel facesse uista del riuerso per darti del mandritto, a cotale uista tu anderai in guar dia di faccia.

But if he passes with the left foot in order to feint to give you a riverso,5 you will immediately settle yourself with your sword into guardia di faccia, and as he passes toward your antonio manciolino side in order to give you a fendente, you will immediately strike his right temple diagonally with a riverso.

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